Historical Interpreter Celebrates 50 Years at Colonial Michilimackinac

What’s a visit to Northern Michigan without making a stop at Colonial Michilimackinac? Here they are bringing history to life with their engaging education programs and interactive learning Mvi 0054.new.01opportunities. The people who work here are undeniably dedicated to preserving the past and keeping people informed. Jim Evans, a historical interpreter has been doing just that for the last 50 years. 

“I like won the lottery when I got this job because I get to come and shoot muskets and cannons and talk to the little kids,” explains Evans. For him, he’s content educating and listening to visitors from around the world day-in and day-out. He has become Mackinac State Historic Parks longest-serving employee. Jim admits, “I could have retired a while ago.” However, he chose to stay. Here he’s found his purpose in life. 

As you can imagine, being in a role like this for so long has led to Jim becoming quite the local celebrity. Parents are now bringing their children to introduce to Jim who they learned Michigan history from decades ago. Mr. Evans has become one of Northern Michigan’s timeless treasures. Steve Brisson, the Deputy Director for Mackinac State Historic Parks says, “the wonderful thing about working with him is his changless-ness in that he’s always so positive and so committed to this place.”

When asked if it gets old working here, Jim’s response was comical and priceless… “it hasn’t in 50 years… I don’t know about 51!”

If you would like to visit Jim or learn about Northern Michigan’s extensive history, click here.


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