Goodwill Northern Michigan COVID-19 Tests for Those Experiencing Homelessness

Goodwill Northern Michigan is known for helping those in need, especially when it comes to people experiencing homelessness.  Part of their mission is also making sure people who don’t have a 91483199 3006295989436201 3440386469020041216 Nplace to live or are in transition with housing, stay safe and healthy.

That’s why staff with the Goodwill Inn in Traverse City along with the Traverse Health Clinic are providing COVID-19 tests for those experiencing homelessness.

The street outreach and housing navigation manager for Goodwill Northern Michigan, Ryan Hannon says it’s a major effort to keep everyone safe and monitored should a test come back positive.

“Just like people who are housed, we need to provide testing for people experiencing homelessness as well. We’ve partnered with the Traverse Health Clinic and they have outreach people that come right out and will test people for COVID-19 right here at the Goodwill Inn…We also work with our local health department so if there’s someone with symptoms we work with the local health department to be able to find a spot for that person to be isolated and monitored and health care provided,” says Hannon.

The COVID tests do happen on a regular basis every two weeks for people staying at the Goodwill Inn in just off Keystone Road in Traverse City, all to monitor the health of those living in close quarters there.  There is also testing every other week at the Safe Harbor day shelter on Wellington Street in Traverse City.

If you would like to contact Goodwill Northern Michigan about the COVID-19 tests click here.

You can also contact the Goodwill Inn in Traverse City at: (231) 922-4890.




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