California Wildfires’ Death Toll Rises

09 11 20 West Coast Fires Vo

At least 12 people are dead and thousands of homes and businesses are destroyed as massive wildfires in the western U.S. continue to burn.

The fires are now spreading so much toxic smoke they can be seen from space.

Six of California’s largest Wildfires ever have happened just this year, which some say is a worrying sign.

So far a record 3 million acres have been destroyed.

09 11 20 2west Coast Fires VoAnd the fires are starting to impact breathing quality. Los Angeles is reporting its worst air quality in 30 years, according to Stanford University Air Quality expert Mary Prunicki.

“This year it’s hitting us harder than ever…we will see an increase in ER and hospital admissions,” Prunicki says.

More than 5,100 fire fighters are working to put out the fires in California and Oregon.