Wildfire Smoke Could Impact Northern Michigan Next Week

The fire risk for major fires may be behind us here in Northern Michigan but deadly wildfires are still raging all along the west coast.

Most of the blazes were sparked by an unusually dry and hot summer season and have consumed more than 3 million acres across the pacific shoreline. For now, there isn’t any relief from the heat insight, meaning these fires could continue to burn.

Smoke from the fires has created eerie scenes like this one in San Francisco. This photo was taken at 11 in the morning but the skies look more like dusk.

San Francisco Skyline

Taken by Doug Frauehling at 10:59 AM in San Francisco

This line of fires has produced massive amounts of smoke over this region and has created hazardous breathing conditions. It’s especially dangerous right along the coast where east winds are pushing the thick smoke back across the western half of the states. The heaviest patch of smoke is sitting just off the coast for now but later this week it will be picked up by a northerly jet stream and carried across the US.

Canadian Fires

By Thursday, the strongest patch of smoke will be drifting over Northern Michigan. As it moves in, a lot of the smoke will be dispersed across most of the Midwest. This means you could see some beautiful sunsets later next week, along with some hazy daytime conditions.