Paragliding the Elberta Dunes with the Green Point Flyers Association

Sometimes we could all use a sweet escape. For some that may be a nice long stroll on the beach and for others that may mean soaring high above the beach. Here in Northern Michigan is there a The Four Green Point Flyers 12.transcoded.01.transferpassionate group called the Greenpoint Flyers Association. They are paragliding and hang gliding enthusiasts from around the state and have visitors joining them from around the world.

This club got its roots back in the ’70s when hang-gliding was first introduced. Pilots knew Elberta Dunes was a great spot for the sport so they decided to purchase property and start the association. Member, Craig Carlson says, “We had to secure a place that we could always come back to.”

Decades later, on a gorgeous, windy day, you can find these aviation adventurers coming near and far to take flight. Wayne Bergman, who has been flying since 1973 explains, “You can’t stop. It’s an addiction and my wife said, ‘you’re addicted to flying’ and I said, ‘no kidding!’”

When the wind is blowing just right they look to the birds to see what they’re doing. If they’re flapping then the conditions aren’t right. If they’re soaring then the birds are about to have some company! If Mother Nature allows, they can stay flying for hours at a time. 

So why do each of them keep coming back? Keith Riemersma, the President of the Greenpoint Flyers Association says simply, “A lot of it is the friendship and of course we love to be in the air!”

If you would like to learn more about paragliding/hang-gliding or the organization, click here.


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