Garden Goods: Protecting Outdoor Vegetables & Landscaping From Animals

If you have a garden you’ve probably experienced some of your plants or vegetables going missing at times, and the likely culprit being a deer or rabbit.  That’s where some harm-free solutions Pexels Pixabay 255387come into play all to keep your veggies and landscaping thriving.

Garden Goods in Traverse City has some answers to keep the gardens and other outside greens growing well into the fall season.

Everything from powder that can be sprinkled onto or around your plants to pellets can create a defense toward pesky invaders.  All of the items are non-toxic and won’t harm the plants or animals, but will instead provide a barrier of protection.

To see more about shielding your plants from animals like deer or rabbits click on the video posted above.

For a direct link to Garden Goods in Traverse City, click here.

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