Author Spotlight: Dan Wohlleber

Former educator, Dan Wohlleber has always had a talent for telling stories. He would often make up tales about animals going on adventures his children, and ultimately his students. Now retired, Cover Lhe has taken that passion and put it into a book so that his message of kindness and anti-bullying can reach even more.

In his book, Harry: The Very Hairy Hare tells the story about a hare that has quite the “hairy” problem. Harry is faced with torment and teasing from his fellow peers, until one of his bullies needs help.

Wohlleber has always been an advocate for anti-bullying, and with his book he hopes to teach valuable lessons.

“We’re all different, and it is important to teach our kids that although others may tease them, they should not respond back with the same meanness,” Wohlleber said. “Tell your kids to respond with positivity, even though that may be difficult. By encouraging our children to find confidence and kindness, we can spread more positivity in the world”.

For more information about Harry: The Very Hairy Hare, and Dan Wohlleber, click here.


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