Whacky Taxidermy and Miniatures Museum: Quirky Attraction Now Open at Mackinaw Crossings

There are some pretty interesting attractions you can find across the Mitten state but there are none that top the quirky and whimsical charm of The Whacky Taxidermy and Miniatures Museum inTaxidermy 2 Hkfhll Pkg 4 Mackinaw City. 

Julie and Brandon Howey are the owners and artists behind this fascinating world. Essentially, this museum talks about the history of taxidermy and gives people the opportunity to get up close and personal to see these animals in their new life after death.

The Howeys are big animal lovers and want to stress that no animals were harmed to make this museum. Many of these creatures were road kill or going to end up in another animal’s belly. “They should be remembered even if they pass away and making them into something so colorful and whimsical and wonderful just adds to the beauty,” explains Julie. 

In the next room over they have made a little city for the mice. They have a record shop, gym, vintage shop, pet shop, bar, etc. to show off various personalities. Each item found in this city was hand-crafted by the couple. Each scene takes them up to 100 hours to complete. Brandon Howey says, “We both work together on one and it takes about a week seven days or so.”

Entry is $5 and they are open every day of the week except Wednesdays. If you are looking to visit or are interested in more information, click here.


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