Health in Focus: Dr. Jagannathan Neurosurgery Continues to Provide Quality Care through the Pandemic

Dr. Jay Jagannathan from Dr. Jagannathan Neurosurgery, his clinicians, and staff members are continuing their exceptional practices despite COVID-19. As of now, they are still offering the same superior services they have always98343927 3322783037752198 6706250326401351680 N done, but with more health and safety restrictions to comply with State regulations. 

“We want to make sure our patients, doctors, and staff members are taken care of,” says Dr. Jagannathan. “We’ve added on some new features and requirements so that we can keep on seeing patients and providing the care they need”.

Patients, Doctors, and Staff Members Health Screenings

“Every person that walks through our front door must go through a health screening. They will be required to fill out a health survey prior to their visit, and upon arrival, their temperature will be taken”. 

Physical Distancing and PPE

“We have always worn PPE, personal protective equipment, especially in our surgical areas. It’s just now required for patients and all staff members to wear masks and practice physical distancing”.

Waiting Room and Wait Times

“Patient appointments are spaced out so that we do not have too many people in the waiting areas. We will be sanitizing before and after visits, so wait times may be a little longer than expected”.

Telehealth Appointments

“For non-urgent care, I would encourage patients to use this method. Most insurances are now covering telehealth appointments”.

If you do wish to make an in-person appointment, you can do so at any of their locations available all over Michigan. Click here for a list of their current locations.

For more information about Jagannathan Neurosurgery, their services, and doctors, click here.

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