Four Food Finds: Tomatoes, Canning, Cookbook, & Live Music

With fall comes the opportunity to slow down, savor the cooler weather, and maybe enjoy the process of cooking more. Whether it’s trying your hand at canning, or just making a weeknight 118630816 4223210101082929 3332959773979986570 Osupper, there are lots of options for anyone craving time in the kitchen from Taste the Local Difference.

1. What’s in Season: Tomatoes

    • You should be putting tomatoes in everything right now. Eat them off the vine, on a sandwich, there are countless ways to cook them and preserve them for later. I personally can whole peeled tomatoes, but freezing is a great option too. We’ll put both instructions up on the blog and I promise you’ll be grateful you made the time to do this. 

2. Don’t Forget: To Preserve that Flavor

    • In general, it’s now or never when it comes to preserving the best of summer produce. You can preserve just about anything. When you buy in bulk farmers offer deals! So be sure to ask or look for the 10 pounds of canning tomatoes or a full peck of peaches. If you have the time, make a little extra for your friends and drop it at their door! Nothing says I love you more than food. 

3. Looking for inspiration? Check out our Cookbook: Tastes!

    • A compilation of over 30 recipes from Michigan chefs. It’s organized by types of dishes and by season, so you can navigate it easily. Because it’s digital there are links to the ingredients so you can find them locally and even videos of a few of them with tips like how to cut kohlrabi. As if that’s not enough, 20% of the proceeds will support a video promoting the amazing culinary industry in Michigan and the innovators that are adapting and making changes in this challenging time. Click here for more information.

4. Live Music Outdoors: Natural Northern Cider House & Winery

    • A great location to enjoy live music, all outdoors and socially distant, they had a successful run of summer events, and a fall lineup was just posted on their Facebook page. We’ll link to it here.

For more local recommendations from Taste the Local Difference, click here.


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