Dancing Witches of the Soo to Perform Live Show Tonight, September 8

It’s not quite Halloween, but things are getting a little spooky tonight in the Soo. A group of witches will be appearing, not to cast spells, but to dance like only witches can.Capture

The “Wolfshager Hexenbrut Dancing Witches of Sault Ste Marie” will be putting on a free show at 6:30 PM, September 8 along Portage Avenue. The group was formed four years ago by Soo resident, Kandy Radtke. She was inspired by the original German group, rounded up volunteer witches, and the rest is “her”-story.

“These witches…the only thing we practice is dance,” exclaimed Radtke. “We started with 7 four years ago…and now we have 20 members. The youngest we have is 13 and my oldest is 78. I just tell my girls to let their inner-witch fly…whatever they feel is witchy. We are pretty excited this year…not only do we do the original which is a dance song, but we also learned another dance routine. My daughter helped me choreograph it. We are excited this year we have a new song. We will also present that for the first time!”.

If rain moves in, the witches will perform Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 PM, Place on Portage Ave.

Click here to learn more about the group.

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