Charlevoix Resale Shop Gives Back to People with Disabilities

Board games, furniture, sporting goods, shoes, and clothes— just a few of the hidden treasures you can find at the Bergmann Resale Shop in Charlevoix. These aren’t the only hidden treasures Worker Cash Registeryou’ll find… Quickly you’ll learn that the real hidden treasures are the people who work here! 

Amanda Berry, an employee here says, “The reason why it’s so special is that we work here!” The employees that work at the resale shop have developmental disabilities. Here they’ve found a safe environment to work on life, job, and people skills.

“They’re just like us I mean they just need to be given that chance and we are just here to be able to give those chances and opportunities,” explains resale shop manager, Debbi McPherson. They keep the store up and running— sorting items, hanging clothes, tagging merchandise, cleaning, asking people if they need help, and cleaning. 

While we were there we had the chance to see Amanda work on a new skill— working the cash register. She nailed it and was so proud!  McPherson says, “It’s something different and she’s that people person and it just makes sense for her to do that. Counting money might be a challenge but she did it!”

They are actively seeking volunteers in the community to work with their clients. In addition, they are always in need of donations and customers. If you are interested in stopping by or would like more information, click here.


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