Labor Day Weekend Draws Tourists to Florida, Stokes Virus Warnings

09 07 20 2 Mtm Universaldisney

With cold weather quickly approaching, some of the nation’s top health experts say a second wave could be just weeks away.

Their warning comes as the holiday weekend stoked fears of a possible holiday surge.

09 07 20 Mtm Universaldisney saw a busy tourist weekend with beaches full and both Universal Studios and Disney World at full capacity Saturday and Sunday.

Florida is now one of at least 27 states that are seeing a rise in cases and some experts say it could get much worse.

Scott Gottlieb, former U.S. Food and Drug Administration commissioner, warns the virus’ spread could get more aggressive.

“We’re heading into the fall and the winter, when we would expect a respiratory pathogen like a coronavirus to start spreading more aggressively,” he said.

Gottlieb says a vaccine will likely be available in the fall, but not for large-scale distribution until 2021.

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