Mackinac Bridge Authority, St. Ignace Businesses Ready for Busy Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend kicked off on Friday, bringing along Labor Day traffic with it.

Many people are heading to the Upper Peninsula to celebrate the unofficial end to summer.

The Mackinac Bridge had quite busy throughout the day. Web Img

Despite the traffic, the family we talked with is just happy to be together this holiday weekend.

“We were all off, so it was easy to get going,” said Mary Beth Hartrick.

The Hartrick family was off to an early start Friday morning heading to Copper Beach in the UP for Labor Day weekend.

“I love going up there, I love the weather, it’s so nice,” said Shannon Hartrick.

Traffic was great heading north…

“Until you get on the bridge and of course it slowed down,” Mary Beth said.

Kim Nowack is the Mackinac Bridge Authority Executive Secretary.

She says this year is different.

“It’s not like any other year we’ve had with the pandemic and with no bridge walk,” Nowack said. “So it’s an educated guess on our part on what the traffics going to be this weekend.”

They believe this will still be a busy weekend despite the pandemic and canceled events.

For those looking to avoid the traffic jam heading back south…

“You might want to avoid Labor Day going home between 10am and 4pm southbound,” Nowack said.

She says staff is prepared for the busy weekend, and her advice for those crossing…

“Just be patient,” Nowack said. “We’re trying to staff up and get as many lanes open as we can and we want everyone to have a great weekend.”

That’s just what the Hartrick family has planned.

“So many other things have been cut out, it’s really nice that we can spend time together,” Mary Beth said.

And with so many people headed to the UP, St. Ignace businesses are expected to see a boost this weekend.

The St. Ignace Chamber of Commerce says businesses are ready.

“All the business owners that I’ve spoken with are planning on a very busy weekend,” said Nikki St. Andrew, St. Ignace Chamber of Commerce director. “So, the expectation is that it’s as busy as a normal Upper Peninsula weekend, maybe not as busy as a normal Labor Day but still hoppin.”

Both the Bridge Authority and Chamber of Commerce say just don’t forget your mask.

And of course, be sure to pay extra attention to the road so everyone can enjoy a safe holiday weekend.