Ludington Athletic Club Navigates Reopening While Following Executive Orders

Dan and Letha Fulton own the Ludington Athletic Club.

Over the last six months their gym, like many cross the state, has been closed.

Now with Governor Whitmer’s new executive order, gyms and pools statewide are able to reopen their doors starting September 9th.

“We went through the process of putting in a wash station and doing things. We’ve had protocols in place all along,” said Dan. “We have the signs already made to put up, social distance, respect everyone else’s space.”

Still, the Fulton’s worry what will happen if they’re forced to close again in the future.

Dan said, “We’ve lost six months of income, that’s tough. That’s tough to recover from. We can’t spend anymore money in hopes that we can reopen but only get a quarter out of that dollar.”

With a 25% capacity restriction and months of lost revenue, the Ludington Athletic Club has had to make changes they wish they didn’t.

“We’ve had to increase our tuition, which is so sad,” said Letha.  “I feel like we’re being held hostage on what we can do for our community.”47d3a084 7b69 4eac 9d2c Ac632de1779b

The executive order does say that employees need to wear masks, and gym goers need to keep a social distance.

However, what the Ludington Athletic Club is worried about is the aspect of wearing masks and exercising.

Dan said, “Trying to exercise with a mask on? And cut people’s oxygen off? I’ve actually helped my kidney disease by boxing. Well, put on a mask and try to do that.”

Ludington Athletic Club says they plan to follow the Governor’s restrictions.

They hope to make customers feel safe by adding multiple sanitizing stations and marking social distances before reopening on Wednesday.