Gov. Whitmer Announces Loan Assistance, Passes On Sports Restart Decision

Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to once again address the state on the battle against COVID-19. This comes with fans of theaters, gyms, bowling alleys and youth sports await the go ahead statewide.

Governor Whitmer wanted to really focus on a $5 billion partnership with Huntington Bank that will offer loan opportunities for businesses across the state as they deal with the impact of COVID-19.September 2 1 Original

It was quickly clear once she got to the question portion of the press conference, most Michiganders are worried about their recreational businesses and the competitions their kids are involved in

“I know that Michiganders, me included, love sports,” says Whitmer.

Even in the open regions of the Upper Peninsula and Traverse City, youth sports are still in limbo. The rest of the state can’t even go to a gym. The expectation was for Whitmer to give the go ahead to open next week in her press conference Wednesday.

That didn’t happen.

“The more normalcy we can have, the better for all of us,” says Whitmer, “But it goes absolutely hand-in-hand with the numbers of COVID cases across the state and whether or not we all mask up.”

Wednesday morning, Whitmer met with Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Birx says successful sports plans rely on the people around town.

“Communities are helping with this behavioral change,” says Birx, “Because communities want their football team to play.”

Everyone agrees Michigan is doing well, Whitmer just wants to see more.

“I’m not going to be pushed or encouraged or tweeted at to make a decision that is not supported by the science,” says Whitmer.

When asked about whether bowling alleys, theaters and gyms can reopen or some youth sports could get back going, Whitmer constantly reiterated she’s not making an announcement Wednesday but there is something coming in the near future.

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