Local Artist Makes Robots Out of Unwanted Electronics

When it comes to electronics it always seems as though there is something bigger, faster, and better than ours. Many of these unwanted electronics end up at the dump, in a thrift shop, etc. Paper Hive

A local artist by the name of Tony Gisoni decided to do his part to make use of these unwanted gadgets through recycling. He has made a business out of it… Creating working robots out of the odds and ends he finds while thrift shopping. These robots can be found at the M.E. Men’s Emporium in downtown Traverse City. 

Tony has a creative eye and a bright spirit! He is the owner of the Paper Hive— offering colorful artwork, custom designs, apparel, and more. Tony says, “Everything really inspires me to stay today like I was trying not to get stuck in a gimmick and I try and do all kinds of different stuff, try and push the boundaries of what I can do.”

If you would like more information or would like to support this local artist, click here. 


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