Cherry Capital Airport Receives Federal Funding for Infrastructure Improvements, Zero Emissions Vehicle

Michigan airports are getting $1.2 billion in airport safety grants from the FAA.

Seven airports in Michigan are sharing that grant money, including Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City.  TVC will be getting $72,420. The Airport Director says they’ll be using that money to purchase a zero-emission, electric vehicle, which they’ll add to their fleet of operations and maintenance vehicles. Tvc Zero Emissions

Kevin Klein says, “Typically we have what I call a diesel-powered utility vehicle. That is utilized to carry a lot of that equipment. The opportunity came time to replace some of those vehicles and add to our fleet and we looked at the electric option. This will be our first zero-emissions vehicle. So we’re excited. We’ll see how that grows for other vehicles into future.”

Klein also says it’s a move towards minimizing the effect on the environment.

“Airports across the globe are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. And there are so many things out there but (there is) a cost to do it. So what the FAA is trying to do is find, how can we take a little bite at the apple?’”

The state is also receiving $2 million to distribute to airports under its own guidelines.

The Department is awarding federal grants to the following airports in the State of Michigan:

  • $1,957,480 to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport for infrastructure improvements and a zero emissions vehicle.
  • $1,848,736 to Delta County Airport to install an emergency generator and rebuild runway lighting.
  • $1,915,654 to Bishop International Airport in Flint to rebuild perimeter fencing and reconfigure an existing taxiway.
  • $3,786,194 to Sawyer International Airport in Gwinn to improve utilities and expand a building.
  • $3,067,462 to Ford Airport in Iron Mountain to rehabilitate a runway, taxiway and other airport surfaces, including sealing.
  • $2,000,000 to the State of Michigan for airports throughout the state.
  • $58,500 to Presque Isle County Airport to improve runway surfaces, including sealing.
  • $72,420 to Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City for infrastructure improvements and a zero emissions vehicle.