Debunking Misinformation: Health Department Explains CDC Data

Information released Monday by the CDC quickly became the source of multiple inaccurate stories spread across social media.

The CDC released information that shows only 6% of the people who died from the coronavirus had just COVID-19 listed on their death certificate.

The other 94% had other underlying conditions listed as well.

That means those people had conditions that lead to a more serious COVID-19 infection; not that their death was caused by something other than COVID-19.

“You have to be careful about the sources that you’re listening to, and really dig deeper, and ask those people who are in the medical profession, or who are epidemiologists and understand what they’re looking at and what the data means to us,” said Michelle Klein, Director of Personal Health at the Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department.

The CDC conducts regular reviews of death certificates to understand the complete toll the coronavirus is taking on the United States.

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