Keeping e-Waste out of Landfills and Your Personal Data Safe

Our world has become a virtual hot spot with people using electronic devices for work and personal use every single day.  That’s creating what’s called e-Waste or electronic-waste, as we throw outImg 0160 old devices for newer, faster ones.

There are safety guidelines when it comes to recycling old electronics, not only to keep them out of landfills but to also protect our personal information.

Steve Noble, an e-Waste specialist with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy or EGLE, says people need to be aware of who they’re giving their old e-Waste materials to and how they’re being recycled.

“The key thing depending on where you drop it off before you leave that computer behind or whatever, ask them where it’s going.  Ask them, who’s recycling that material for them, and if they kind of stumble, don’t quite get you a straight answer, think twice about leaving your computer behind. You want to make sure that that data is secure, and it’s properly recycled,” says Noble.

Noble also suggests never just tossing your old cellphone or computer in the garage or curbside recycle bin.

“With electronics especially laptops and a lot of things they have batteries in them, those batteries if they’re crushed or otherwise, somewhat beat up, they can start fires.  So you don’t want to send them through the recycling system, take them to your nearest drop off site make sure they’re properly handled,” says Noble.

If you’d like more information about the best places to safely recycle your electronics and the drop-off sites through Michigan or to directly contact Steve Noble with e-Waste questions, click here.

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