First of the Month Rent Due, Many Still Struggling Financially Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

“We’re just trying to work with everybody the best we can to get through this."

It is once again the first of the month Tuesday with rent and bills due.

The state’s eviction moratorium is now over, yet many are still struggling financially. 08 31 2020 First Of The Month Evictions Vo 5

“We’re just trying to work with everybody the best we can to get through this,” said Paul Spencer, CEO and President of KMG Prestige, a property management company with properties across the country.

With stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment, many of their residents were able to pay rent. But now those resources have run out.

“I think the longer things go without any enhanced unemployment, I think it’s going to be a little more difficult for some people to make ends meet,” Spencer said.

They work with their residents the best they can to keep them housed.

“We are seeing such a wide variety of needs,” said Tish Stave with the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA).

They say they’ve seen a significant increase in calls.

“We’ve had probably ten times the amount of calls coming in than we were previously,” Sarah Hughes with NMCAA.

She works with those facing eviction.

“Anytime you have any sort of notice from the court or your landlord, you should contact us,” Hughes said. “Here’s a better ability for them to stay in their unit and remained housed.”

Stave helps those struggling to pay other bills.

“They can bring in their bills and their income and we can look over and make a plan, maybe it’s an emergency crisis budget for the next few months,” Stave said.

They say it is best to reach out *before things get out of control.

“Just reach out to us if you need help,” Stave said. “Anybody struggling, you don’t have to do it alone.”

Spencer agrees…

“When your landlord understands you’re trying to reach out to them, and keep them informed, they automatically have a much better perspective and will be much more willing to work with you,” Spencer said.

To learn more about NMCAA, click here.


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