Addiction Treatment Services, Families Against Narcotics Hold Overdose Awareness Walk

Monday is International Overdose Awareness Day, aimed at remembering and honoring those who have lost their struggle with addiction. Overdose Awareness Day

An overdose awareness walk at Historic Barns Park in Garfield Township, near Traverse City, was put on by Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City and Families Against Narcotics.

After a ceremony, participants were invited to walk the Judith Groleau Labyrinth in the park as a way to remember and grieve for their lost loved ones.

Event organizers say that since most face-to-face support groups have been canceled due to COVID-19, it’s extra important to reach out to those struggling with addiction.

“If you know somebody that’s struggling with addiction, give them a call, try to make face to face contact if you can, monitoring the social distancing guidelines that are in place to help that person out until we can get back to a more normal activity,” said Ken Kaufman.

Tuesday also marks the beginning of National Recovery Month.