Northern Michigan Organization Aims for Second Biggest Golden Retrievers Rally Ever

More than one hundred golden retrievers got together on Saturday at Jacob’s Maze in Traverse City.

Last year they got 150 to show up and organizers tried to break that record on Saturday.

The dogs got to play, swim, and get plenty of love.

The event was hosted by Northwest Michigan Golden Retriever Club.

They were going for the second largest gathering of golden retrievers in the country.5d713412 56be 458d A114 6fc8b22a2243

Founder of Northwest Michigan Golden Retriever Club, Jeff Rabidoux said, “Golden, Colorado has an event every year where they get over two thousand golden retrievers. So, I knew we wouldn’t be the largest, but the goal is to be the second largest.“

If you missed the event this year, they are planning to return bigger and have more goldens next year.