Coast Guard Honors Diver and Good Samaritan that Rescued 10 People

Coast Guard Diver, Edmund Bizorik is one of the three people who helped save the day on June 19th.

He helped rescue ten people on a boat when they started taking on water in the middle of Lake Michigan.

“There wasn’t a lot of time to think about what was going on as much as it was just reaction. And I believe it was 8 minutes from when we got on the boat until it sank. So it all happened rather quickly,” said Bizorik. “So, it was just to kind of make sure that everybody was able to get into the water and a safe distance from the boat.”

He says that the rescue wouldn’t have been possible without the good samaritan boat that heard a distress call and eventually took the boat’s passengers back to shore.Screen Shot 2020 08 29 At 6.00.10 Pm

Bizorik said, ”They put their boat in danger too to assist us and help everybody out. So it’s pretty awesome to see the community and us come together.”

On Saturday, the Coast Guard honored everyone involved in the heroic rescue with Spirit of Excellence Awards.

“This is to honor our rescue swimmer and acknowledge what he’s done, this is to honor and acknowledge the Good Samaritan boat that was there,” said LTJG Brandon Skelly.

They say without their bravery things could have turned out much differently.

To commemorate the special day, the Coast Guard also did a fly over to say thank you.