Vice President Pence Hosts Small Crowd at Avflight in Traverse City

The Vice President hosted a small crowd at Avflight in Traverse City on Friday. Pence David Live.transfer

The area was set up to hold about 250 people, all socially distanced.

Many people lined up to get a seat starting around noon on Friday.

This was the second stop for the vice president, he was in Minnesota earlier on Friday.

Both stops came less than 24 hours after the conclusion of the RNC.

Local GOP leaders say the visit by Pence shows the importance of Michigan come November.

“It’s exciting, just the energy up here in northern Michigan, it’s exciting to see this and to see the vice president of the United States make it up here, want to meet his constituents and energize the crowd,” said Steve Yoder, First District Chair, Michigan Republican Party.

Audience members were waiting hours in the rain just for the chance to see Vice President Mike Pence at AVFlight. Here is what they said.

While there was a large crowd on hand at Avflight for the Vice President, there were also some who opposed to the Trump Administration.

We spoke to Tom Moran from downstate who drove all the way up to Traverse City to protest Pence’s visit. Pence In Nmi Live Vo 5.transfer

Tom used to be a bus driver for Fenton Schools in Genesee County.

He says because of the COVID-19 outbreak he’s currently out of a job.

Tom says he protested because he believes President Trump has failed to contain the virus.

After sitting out for an hour, the Traverse City Police Department asked him to leave.

“I’m not causing any trouble. I’m staying out of the way. But it’s still a free country. I mean if you don’t like Donald Trump you’re allowed to go to events and if you don’t like Joe Biden, same thing,” said Moran.

Traverse City Police say that he wasn’t allowed to be protesting on city property at the entrance of the airport.