Sault Tribe Early Head Start Program hosts Graduation Parade for Students

Students are getting ready to head back to school. But – today was graduation day for several children at the Sault Tribe Early Head Start Program in Sault Ste Marie. Parade

Six graduates along with fellow students and teachers were treated to a parade by Sault Tribal Police and Michigan State Police as well as parents of the students. Normally on this big day, the teachers welcome parents and families and have treats, hand out awards, and their end of the year school bags.

One of the Early Head Start teachers, Danielle Kaminski said, “It’s different today because we can’t have a big celebration like we used to. We are used to being together as a big group…. a big family. This year we decided to do it outside and we got to do it by a parade. So, it was awesome to see the parents and all the community that was involved to celebrate the kids like they should be treated on Graduation Day. We think it is wonderful to get the police involved with the kids. Every time we go on walks they are always waving, the police are always stopping, they always put in the extra forth and effort to make the kids comfortable around them”.

After the parade, troopers handed out stickers and had the students check out the inside of their police cars, and play the light and siren buttons.

For more information about the Sault Tribe Early Head Start Program, click here.

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