Crowd Anticipates Vice President Pence’s Campaign Speech

Audience members were waiting hours in the rain just for the chance to see Vice President Mike Pence at AVFlight, next to Cherry Capitol Airport in Traverse city.

Traverse City was the second stop of the day for the Vice President on the road for the Trump/Pence re-election campaign.

One woman says what brought her out on Friday was watching the speech Pence gave on Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention.

“That was so perfect and so beautiful and I’m kind of hoping it’ll be like that. Well obviously a little smaller, but still just as heartfelt and everything,” said audience member, Kasandra Wildfong.

Another audience member was shocked to hear the Vice President would come to a small town like Traverse City.

Audience member DJ Pheops said, “I just want to wish him the very best in his endeavors. I’d like to thank him for being in Traverse City of all places. A small little town, ya know. And that’s usually the best place to come is the small little towns.”

But not all that came out were there to show support, one protestor day outside the entrance of the airport to be heard.

“I’m here with this sign because I’m really frustrated. Donald Trump has failed to contain the virus,” said protester, Tom Moran.8adc36b4 Fb5a 4145 9d1e B185fb386230

While others say the Trump Administration is doing what is best for the economy.

“He’s done so much already. The anti- abortion, just standing for the America family. I can’t say anything better,” said audience member Natalie Hesselink.

After his speech on Friday, Vice President Pence urged those in the crowd to get out and vote in the next election before getting back on Air Force 2 to head back to Washington D.C.

While the vice president promised economic success under a second Trump term, Michigan Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist points to Pence’s opposition to the auto industry bailout in 2009, and says he would continue to make the wrong decisions.

“I think that it is very clear that we cannot trust Mike Pence and Donald Trump to manage our country going forward. We can’t trust them to manage the COVID-19 response, we can’t trust them to manage the economy, we can’t trust them to manage the questions about racial justice and equality and that’s because they have broken the economy through their failure with the COVID-19 crisis, so you cannot turn away from that.”

As of right now, the Biden-Harris ticket does not have any in-person campaign events scheduled in Michigan.

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