Dual Income Parents in Traverse City Concerned About Remote Learning

Traverse City Area Public Schools is planning to have the first two weeks of school online. With that, dual income families are concerned about leaving their children at home.

“It’s just the challenge of making sure that our kids follow through with the curriculum and they don’t end up falling behind in their studies,” says TCAPS parent Matt Johnson.

Johnson says he’s not sure who’s going to make sure his four kids are doing their schoolwork when he and his wife are at work:

“We’re in a fortunate position where my parents have been watching our children, but we’re kind of getting to the end of that rope because they’re quite elderly.”

He says they’ve looked at childcare, but options are very limited.

Johnson says, “It was rather competitive to even find a spot in daycare, so I’m sure it’s going to be challenging.”

Johnson says it’s a challenge many parents in the Traverse City Area are facing right now as kids begin to go back to school:

“I think we’re all just kind of in this same boat, trying to read through everything and all of the information coming in and just trying to get rooted and grounded and try to figure out; okay now, how are really going to move forward with this and deal with it in real life.”

Matt Olson is the new Assistant Superintendent for Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District. He recommends that parents talk to their family and neighbors about hosting remote learning pods.

“I know this is often overused, but we really are all in this together,” says Olson. “The kids aren’t behind, they’re just all with one another in a different spot and that’s what we have to do to persevere through it.”