Ferris State Welcomes Students Back To Campus Amid COVID-19

Two weeks ago, Central Michigan University moved students back on to campus.

Wednesday, Ferris State University began the process. As with every college across the country, this year is one unlike any other.

“We definitely have a different feel on campus,” says Lisa Ortiz, with Housing and Residence Life.

For Ferris State students, the differences will be noticed immediately. First things first, a COVID-19 test. Only then can they move in while their parents can get answers to questions.Ferris Move In Pic

“What are you doing to make sure that the environment is clean? What are you doing in the dining halls to make sure that students are healthy in that environment?” says Ortiz, “And what are you going to do to make sure students still have social interaction?”

Testing won’t be constant but monitoring will be done daily.

“We have a daily symptom checker that we’re encouraging students to do,” says Ortiz, “So students are checking to make sure they are safe and secure.”

“Just that there’s going to be really great social distancing in the classrooms and masks will be reinforced,” says Janelle Hall, parent from Imlay City, “I guess I’m just trusting that everything is going to be okay.”

It’s tough for parents to let their freshman go in normal circumstances, let alone during a pandemic.

“So far it looks okay, I’m a little concerned that just the students were tested for the virus and not the people going into the building with them,” says Hall.

Virtual learning is always an option but these students today made their choice.

“I think he’s looking forward to being on campus,” says Patrick Boyle, parent from Tawas, “When they go virtual, they lose out on the freedoms that they get being away from family.”

As we’ve seen elsewhere, it will be the students that decide if in-person learning continues.

“He’s got a pretty good head on his shoulders,” says Boyle, “Nowhere near where I was when I was at his age.”

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