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Tech on Tuesday: Technical Safety

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Here at work, we all have to take online classes and quizzes on protecting ourselves and the company from cyber threats. And – as many kids start online learning, they will have to understand those lessons too. Privacy issues, connectivity, data usage – there are plenty of new things to be concerned about this school year.

We met with tech expert and professor, Dr. Greg Gogolin from Ferris State University to talk about these concerns about how to avoid them.

“First of all, designate a computer specifically for school,” Dr. Gogolin advised. “If you are thinking about sharing the same computer your mom uses to do taxes on, or your dad does his work on – you’re making a big mistake”. If you are unable to designate a device just for schoolwork, make sure your virus software is up to date.

Dr. Gogolin also recommends changing your passwords every so often, and do not use the same password for every account.

Another major problem students and teachers have is connectivity. With so many families working and schooling from home – the internet is being maxed-out. Try scheduling times that each of your children can access the internet, or ask if your local school offers internet hotspots if needed.

“As a teacher, we understand that this whole process has been quite the ordeal. Be patient, and communicate with your teachers if you have any questions, or problems throughout the school year”.