Talking Trash: Ms. Green Shredding & Recycling

She is small but oh, so mighty.  That’s the impression you get at Ms. Green Shredding & Recycling right off M-115 in Cadillac.  The eco-friendly business started up in 2008 with owners, Rita MsgreenMeech, and her husband.

Rita’s husband has since passed away but the business owner has continued the service over the years.

Everything from office paper, magazines, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and even miscellaneous items like outdoor lounge chairs and old ladders can all be brought to Ms. Green.  The company works with other distributors across Michigan that come and pick up the materials to then be recycled and repurposed.

It’s a win-win for the environment and the local economy.

Ms. Green offers home and business pick-up in Wexford, northern Osceola, and southern Missaukee Counties. People can also drop their materials off at the business site for a small fee.

If you’d like more information about Ms. Green Shredding & Recycling and how to contact the business click here.

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