FSU Prepares for Students Return to Campus Following Rising COVID-19 Cases at CMU

Students at Ferris State University are returning to campus this week and with the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases at Central Michigan University, FSU is hoping for a safe return.

“I think it’s going to be a learning curve all over the country,” says FSU Professor Sean Kolhoff.

FSU says part of their safe back to plan is to offer multiple learning options for students. Communications Officer for the President’s Office Michelle Rasmussen says nearly 40 percent of their classes will be taught online this fall.

“Our faculty have done some different delivery methods for instruction, so actually 39 percent of our classes are face-to-face this fall with another 39 percent are online,” says Rasmussen.

Kolhoff teaches public speaking and debate classes at Ferris State, two courses normally taught in person. This semester, the classes are going virtual.

“Ideally we would all like to be there at least in whatever way we can, distance, but there’s just not enough physical spaces on campus where that’s necessarily possible.”

After seeing what’s happening in Mt. Pleasant, Kolhoff says this semester will come with a learning curve.

“Everyone’s going to see what worked and what didn’t, and unfortunately that’s the way you’ve got to respond to this, you’ve just got to see what works and the make the changes you can,” says Kolhoff.

Sophomore Emma Gauthier says she hopes when everyone returns to campus, they follow the social distancing guidelines outlined by the university:

“Just knowing everything that’s been going on at other places, I’m kind of worried that the same things going to happen here.”

Ferris State says they haven’t issued a warning but are encouraging students to be safe.

Rasmussen says, “Try not to gather in large crowds, I know part of a college experience is a social life, but we’re really encouraging if you take some of these simple things we can do every day to mitigate risk.”

Ferris State says they are currently working with local law enforcement to develop a plan for students safe return.

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