U.S. Coast Guard Sends Crew From Traverse City to Help Gulf Coast

Late Sunday night, hurricane Marco was downgraded back to a tropical storm.

It is expected to make landfall along Louisiana’s coast on Monday. And just miles behind Marco is Laura, another tropical storm.

Here in Northern Michigan, the U.S. Coast Guard has already mobilized to help. Air Station Traverse City sent a crew and helicopter to the Gulf Coast.

The USCG Aviation Training Center in Alabama posted a photo of the crew to Facebook, saying, “As the storms roll in, one last helicopter crew makes it in to join the response against two storms threatening the gulf! Thank you Air Station Traverse City!”

Laura is expected to be much stronger than Marco.

Residents in vulnerable, low-laying areas along the Gulf Coast have been ordered to evacuate and oil producers have shut down some off shore rigs.

In Louisiana, crews are worked over the weekend to clean drains and pump drainage canals.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says, “These storms pose a challenge that, quite frankly, we’ve not seen before. And as a result, we don’t know exactly what to expect. And I guess you never know exactly what to expect. But this is this is a very serious situation.”

This week marks 15 years since Hurricane Katrinia hit the same region that tropical storms Marco and Laura are on the path to hit.