18th Century Boat Replica From Russia Stops in Sault Ste. Marie

Sailing across the globe in a replica from history—that’s a real-life achievement for Yuriy Pogorelskiy, a sailor and mechanic on the Pilgrim.

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Photo by: David Kaye

Yuriy Pogorelskiy, from Russia, says it’s “a dream from childhood, from 14.”

The Pilgrim is an all-wood replica of an 18th-century Russian boat with a four-man crew. The vessel made a stop overnight at the George Kemp Marina in Sault Ste. Marie.

They say it took a couple of years to build the boat.

The venture started in Russia two years ago. It has taken them through several countries, the Caribbean, most recently the St. Lawrence Seaway—and now, the Soo.

They’ll continue their voyage to Duluth, Minnesota.

“We want to bring our culture and want to learn something from other countries to bring to our country,” Pogorelskiy says. “It’s just an exchange of cultures and we bring joy!”

Once the crew gets to Duluth, they will have to decide how to get the boat to Seattle to finish their trip to Russia. Their options are by train or by truck.