MTM On The Road: J&S Hamburg South Airport Helping Community, Renovating Dining Space

J&S Hamburg South Airport in Traverse City has been keeping busy throughout the pandemic.

They started their Feed the Kids Program to help provide free lunches for community kids on the weekend. 

So far, they reached their goal of serving over 10,000 meals. 

Now, they plan to continue providing these free lunches for kids in need. 

In addition to feeding the kids, they’re still keeping their customers satisfied!

They have some renovations going on inside but you can still order from their delicious menu and eat outside or take it home. 

J&S Hamburg extended their kitchen, replaced their floors and has some other surprises coming once they reopen their inside dining space. 

Our On The Road Crew, Gabriella and Stephanie, are telling us more about all the community support J&S has received throughout this time.

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