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Healthy Living: New Battle Against Cystinosis

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It’s a disease that slowly and aggressively attacks your organs, tissues, muscles, bones, eyes, even your brain.

Cystinosis is a genetic disorder with no cure.

Currently the only option for treatment is an army of pills to slow it down, but missing even one dose can be devastating.

In Healthy Living, Courtney Hunter tells us about one young man who is the first to try a new treatment that may save thousands of lives.

Professor Cherqui’s trial is ongoing and has recently admitted a second patient.

For those born with cystinosis who make it into adulthood, the average lifespan is around 28 years old.

Now, with Cherqui’s new genetically modified stem cells, Janz is making a good recovery.

Though it is still too soon to tell, hopefully it will be able to help even more patients in the future.

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