Emmet Co. Commissioners Vote to Terminate EMGO Service at End of Year

County leaders decided the future of the troubled Emmet County public transit service EMGO.

Emmet County commissioners voted 4-3 Thursday to terminate the transit service at the end of the year.

They voted unanimously on an alternative that would send the money they were spending on EMGO to the Friendship Center’s bus service.

It’s meant to help them deal with the inevitable increase in ridership.

County leaders determined that EMGO is no longer do-able.

“The numbers were low and they were mostly in Petoskey,” said County Commissioner Charlie MacInnis. “It was benefiting a small group of people in Petoskey, people all over the county were having to pay for it, many of whom would never get the bus to their front door; they could call but it wouldn’t come.”

The EMGO bus service will continue for the remainder of this year.