Versiti Now Testing Coronavirus Antibodies for All Blood Donors

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to claim more lives, it’s even more important than ever to donate blood.

Donations have slowed down through the quarantine, but blood banks need supplies to help those in need.

Now, every blood donor at Versiti will not only be making a difference to save lives they’ll also find out a key piece of information.

Versiti will be testing all donors for coronavirus antibodies. If they’re positive, that means they either already had the virus or they’ve developed a response to it.

The antibodies are not harmful and can be safely transfused to another patient.

“The gift of donating your blood is so appreciated by patients in the area for whatever need. It is a priceless gift that the person who receives can’t thank you enough. If people can come and donate and help contribute to that, it just makes our community that much stronger,” said regional Versiti manager Brig Cutter.

To give blood or learn more, click here.

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