California Wildfires Fueled by Wind, Lightning: State of Emergency Declared

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California is now in a state of emergency as more than 350 wildfires burn across the state.

A heat wave is now in its second week, making it difficult for firefighters to control and put out the fires.

High winds and lightning strikes are also fueling the flames.

California’s governor says there have been almost 11,000 lightning strikes in recent days.

So far, the wildfires have destroyed 50 homes and other buildings. The number is expected to go much higher as the fires burn.

Vacaville resident Christina Haefner says it’s the “worst fire I’ve ever been through. We’ve been through a lot of fires…I think this makes 14 fires in six years.”

So far this year, California has recorded about 2,700 more wildfires compared to this time last year.