Whitmer Announces $65 Million Of Federal Help For Schools

Schools have the plan from the state to reopen amid COVID-19 concerns, now that they approved the Return to Learn plan. It also comes with a price tag.

Wednesday Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced more help for district to help afford the burden.

Earlier this week when the legislative leaders and Governor Whitmer finalized the new Return to Learn plan, it was going to cost a lot of money and there’s only so much that the state can give. But there is federal money coming in, part of the CARES Act. Whitmer says a good amount will go to the districts that need it the most.August 19 1 Original

“They’ve stepped up some of the real heroes in this fight,” says Whitmer.

Even heroes need help and Whitmer announces an extra $65 million for districts in Michigan to cover COVID-19 costs.

“Whether it’s helping them access PPE or cleaning supplies or helping students mitigate the impact of learning loss in district that need it the most,” says Whitmer.

But not every school, this money will go to districts that have a vulnerable population of at least 50%.

“Districts will receive funding based on the numbers of economically disadvantage students, special education students and English language learners,” says Whitmer.

How long the restrictions and precautions will be eating into school budgets is unknown but for right now, Whitmer says it needs our full attention.

“COVID-19 will not magically go away,” says Whitmer, “The pandemic won’t just end because we’re tired of dealing with it.”

As of right now, this is going to be the extent of what the state can give schools. More help may be coming but that would have to go through Congress with another wave of stimulus bills.

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