New COVID-19 Cases on College Campuses in US

08 19 20 Covid Latest Vo.transfer

Across the country, we are quickly seeing how fast the coronavirus is spreading as college student’s return to campus.

At Oklahoma State University, an entire sorority house is now under quarantine after 23 members of the sorority tested positive.

In Indiana, there are now more than 147 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Notre Dame, eight days after term began, causing the school to stop in person classes for at least two weeks. The previous count of confirmed cases was 60.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warns there are really troublesome signs the virus can cause long term health effects even for those college aged students.

“Even in individuals who are young and otherwise healthy, who don’t require hospitalization but do get sick when you work them up, they have a substantially high proportion of cardiovascular abnormalities,” he says.

There are also new studies, still in early stages and not yet peer-reviewed, that suggest people do develop immunity to the virus after recovering and it may protect them from further infection. But what still isn’t clear is how long these immune responses last.

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