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Whitmer Speaks On DNC Speech And Key To Winning Michigan


Governor Gretchen Whitmer was a speaker featured in the convention Monday night.

She has become a rising star in the Democratic Party and that continued with her invite to the convention.

“I’m telling them to listen to the people of Michigan,” says Governor Whitmer.

In 2016, Michigan made a huge impact the on the election. In 2020, it will be more of the same.

Because of that, the Biden campaign has stayed close with Gov. Whitmer. It showed with her speech at the DNC Monday night.

“I wanted to establish that Michigan has a relationship with Joe Biden,” says Whitmer, “He had our back in 2009 during the auto recession and helped Michigan get through it.”

Her national presence only grew as Michigan struggled with COVID-19 early and, as of late, recovered as well as any state.

“The irony is that because of the decisions we made, that put me, I think, in Donald Trump sights and in Joe Biden sights,” says Whitmer.

Whitmer says the Veepstakes helped build Michigan’s relationship to a possible Biden administration. Critics say it was a distraction when her state needed her most.

“None of that process took any energy or focus away from COVID-19 and I certainly didn’t let it impact my decision,” says Whitmer, “I wasn’t impacted by bullies. I wasn’t impacted by critics. I wasn’t impacted by Twitter and I certainly wasn’t impacted by a potential VP vetting.”

COVID-19 and the government’s response will be a key factor heading into the election, how do the Feds help Michiganders pick up the pieces?

“I think that’s the real dinner table issue that Biden and Harris are going to be focusing on,” says Whitmer, “And frankly that Trump and Pence should be too.”

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