Postmaster General to Testify on Cost-Cutting Measures in USPS Controversy

08 17 20 11 Usps Latest Pkg

In continuing coverage of the postal service controversy, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy has agreed to testify on Capitol Hill about the new cost-cutting measures postal workers say are leading to mail delivery delays.

The House is planning to vote this weekend on a bill that stops changes to the mail service before the election.

Democrats accuse Dejoy of undermining the service in order to suppress votes.

After receiving complaints that some postal collection boxes were taken away, the U.S. Postal Service says it will “postpone removing some mail collection boxes for a period of 90 days while the agency evaluates customers concerns.”

That means its will be postponing removing collection boxes until late November, after the election.

The mail service also says removal of those collection boxes is routine and related to declining mail volumes. And President Trump denies the postal service is trying to discourage mail-in voting in order to increase his chance at re-election.

The USPS is asking for an additional $25 billion to help with processing mail-in ballots. However, the money is tied up in stalled negotiations over a new coronavirus relief package.