Gov. Whitmer, 7 Other Governors Urge the Census Bureau to Restore October 31 Deadline

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is one of eight governors calling on the U.S. Census Bureau to reinstate their extension for census responses.

Back in April, Congress and the White House agreed to extend census count operations through October 31 in light of the pandemic.

But the Census Bureau moved its deadline back to September 30.

Governor Whitmer is joined by the governors of Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, New York, North Carolina, Vermont and Washington.

“The Trump Administration’s last-minute, under-the-cover-of-darkness changes to the U.S. Census deadline threaten our ability to get an accurate count, which will be used to determine Congressional representation and federal funding for the next decade,” said Governor Whitmer. “It is more important than ever that we be able to reach and account for every Michigander to ensure we receive funding for essential programs to help Michiganders recover from the COVID-19 crisis and be successful over the next decade – services like child care, education, foster care, and special education. I urge the U.S. Census Bureau to restore the Oct. 31 deadline to give states the time needed to get a complete and accurate count. I’m also calling on all Michigan residents to complete the Census immediately, whether it’s online, by phone, or by mail, to ensure our communities receive the resources they’ve worked so hard to earn.”