NMU Back to Class in Person, Enforces Widespread Testing

08 14 20 Nmu Prep Vo 11

Monday, August 17, is the first day back for students at Northern Michigan University.

They will head back to class in person.

The Marquette school’s president, Fritz Erickson, says staff is excited and ready to welcome students back.

He says they’re going to test everyone, not just dorm residents or staff.

Monday, everyone will check in at a testing station. If they have any symptoms, they’ll immediately go to a dorm reserved just for isolation and quarantine.

The university says masks and social distancing will be strictly enforced.

“The safest place for college students is to be on a college campus because they stay contained,” Erickson says.And that’s what we really set up to do. That’s why we’re starting early, we want students to come early and be done by Thanksgiving,”

Erickson says enrollment is only slightly down because of the pandemic. He says it’s a less than 2% dip compared to last year.