Neo-Fascist Group Proud Boys Clashes Violently in Kalamazoo with Counter-Protesters

08 14 20 Kzoo Protests Vo

Protests broke out in Kalamazoo with street signs used as weapons, multiple fights, and pepper spray.

The group holding the demonstration Saturday near Arcadia Creek is called the Proud Boys.

They’re a far-right extremist organization that has been described as neo-fascist.

A church held a counter protest in the same area.

As the Proud Boys started to move throughout the city, things got out of hand.

Noelle Massey was a counter-protestor against the Proud Boys.

She says, “It turned violent immediately. They attacked individuals that were yelling they did not have a place here, they were not welcome here. There was a man knocked unconscious, his face was bleeding. I was just pepper sprayed down there by a member of the group trying to keep the peace and stand in between.”

Kalamazoo police officers say the clash lasted less than 10 minutes.

Michigan State Police were also on scene blocking off the park and telling people to leave or else they could be arrested.