Menu Monday: Coyote Crossing Resort

All year-round, the Coyote Crossing Resort in Cadillac is a destination of delicious eats and great entertainment. Located at 8593 S 13 Rd, this establishment is still hanging on despite the The Four Menu Monday.transferpandemic.

“Our main focus is to keep on serving up quality dishes with quality ingredients,” said owner, Julie Finch. Currently, they have downsized their menu to feature 1 to 2 entrees in the evening. “So  Thursday night we have awesome pork chops.  Friday night we’ve got our fish fry or our sauteed salmon, which they do an excellent job on, Saturday night is our smoked beef brisket, or sometimes our chef will do smoked pulled pork”.

In addition to making modifications to their food, they have also adapted their restaurant and outdoor stage area to follow health and safety guidelines. “We know a lot of people have been missing out on live performances, our outdoor stage area is the perfect place to social-distance while listening to great tunes”.

A list of their up and coming concerts can be found here.

For more information about the Coyote Crossing Resort, click here.

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