U-Pick Farms Experiencing Increase in Business

This summer, U-Pick farms have been experiencing an especially busy season.

One of those places is Double L Farms in Wexford County.

“We’ve had a busier year than we normally have,” said Double L Farms owner Richard Lucas. “We’ve closed twice to let the fruit ripen before people came back and picked them. We’ve never had to do that before.”

Since opening for the season in late July, it’s been a steady stream of people coming to pick blueberries and raspberries.

“We’ve had times when our parking lot’s not big enough,” said Lucas. “We’ve never experienced that before.”

Lucas thinks there are several reasons why this year may be different than others.

“There’s people that aren’t working so they have the time to come out and pick,” said Lucas. “More people are more concerned about where their food is coming from.”

Denise Ficorelli has been out to the farm six times this season, and said it’s also a great activity to do during this pandemic.

“This is great for social distancing because there’s so many rows and they’re spaced so far apart,” said Ficorelli. “There’s plenty of blueberries for everyone.”

Lucas says everyone from families to older people come out for their blueberries. It’s something everyone can partake in.

“Give it a try, it’s not hard picking, it’s easy picking,” said Lucas. “There’s a lot of blue ones and it doesn’t take very long to fill a bucket.”

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