State Offers Up 4 Million Free Masks To Vulnerable Communities

As a rally went on outside the State Capitol looking to limit her powers as Governor, inside the Romney Building, Gretchen Whitmer was pushing forward on her call to wear masks and unveiling a plan to make it easier for everyone.

“It’s simple, it may be annoying, it may be for some people you can’t do it but the vast majority of us can do it,” says Gov. Whitmer.

From Day 1 of the pandemic mask wearing has been Whitmer’s rallying cry.August 14 G Original

“People may not have always agreed with the decisions that were made,” says Whitmer, “But the facts are that we have pushed that curve down.”

COVID-19 has hit the most vulnerable populations the hardest, the poor, the elderly and sick. Friday, Whitmer unveiled her MI Mask Aid project to help.

“We will provide 4 million free masks to people who need them most,” says Whitmer.

The masks are being provided by the state, FEMA and the Ford Motor Company, 1.5 million masks from them alone.

“Throughout history, Ford has stepped up in times when there was significant need,” says Ford CEO Jim Hackett, “For example, we built iron lungs when polio was in crisis levels and the World War II initiative where we built bomber planes at Willow Run.”

“The MI Mask Aid project was a natural next step for the task force to ensure that these life-saving resources are available for everyone,” says Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist.

Lower numbers will save lives but will also ensure schools reopen as planned. Every district in the state delivering those plans to the state by Friday.

“They are all due today and we will have an opportunity to scrutinize them starting next week,” says Whitmer.

The State Senate is actually planning a very rare Saturday session where they are expected to vote on a handful of bills including the state’s school restart plan.

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