Short’s Brewing Company Employees Harassed Over COVID-19 Procedures

Danielle Laufersky works at Short’s Brewing Company.

She says over the last few weeks customers have been overly aggressive with staff about their COVID-19 procedures.

Laufersky says, “I know they get flipped off, I’ve seen managers get screamed at and cursed out.”

She says she can understand the frustration of the frequent changes, but it as gotten to the point where staff feels they are being taken advantage of.

“People have this pent up anger and frustration that they know that they can direct at a customer service atmosphere because we will do everything in our power to make you happy,” she said.

Now it’s starting to effect the way employees feel when they walk through the door.6b03b58c F75a 4c5e 80e4 81d0b8b410e1

Laufersky says, “It’s like really hard to go to work now because it’s like people are so negative. They’re being frankly mean is what it boils down to.”

Pub manager, Erin Kuethe, says Short’s stands by their protocols, and says those rules are the main reason their staff feels safe going back to work.

“Our staff was definitely our high priority. A lot of people in May were nervous to come back to work and it was because of these steps that we took that convinced them that it would be okay,” said Kuethe.

Yesterday Short’s took yo Facebook to reinforce their position.

Kuethe says, “The main goal of the post was just to show our staff how much we want to support them.”

Short’s Brewing Company says they wont be making any changes to their COVID-19 protocols and will continue to stand by their employees.